Research opportunities


the cost of eating disorders in new zealand study (closing soon)

This exciting collaborative research project has only about a month left to reach as many people as possible who may like to participate. People are already asking the Otago University researchers for data so they are keen to start analysing results! A warm thank you to the 390 people with a history of an eating disorder and 93 carers who have participated so far. It would be fantastic for the study to get over 400 consumers and 100 carers if they can. 

Participation takes about 30 mins in the anonymous online survey.

Can you help us?

  • Have you ever had an eating disorder?

    • Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, ARFID, subthreshold but clinically impairing problems

  • Have you ever been a carer for someone with an eating disorder?

  • Are you 16 years and over?

  • Would you be willing to complete an online survey about the financial and other costs of the eating disorder, your views on what caused the eating disorder, treatment and helpful factors in recovery?

Please go to: to read more about the study and to participate in the survey.