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Our rooms are centrally located at 100 Parnell Road, within a modern 6* environmentally friendly building. We believe in the value of a calm, comfortable therapeutic space to support the treatment process, and have selected our high-end consulting rooms with this in mind.

For administrative enquiries, please feel free to email Amy on hello@nurturepsychology.co.nz

To book an initial consultation, please complete our self-referral form below. GP’s and specialists are also welcome to use the referral form or the above email. All information submitted will be held in confidence by our clinical team. Clinician fees can be found by clicking here.

We aim to respond to all new enquiries within 2 working days.

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Client name
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Client date of birth
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We will do our best to take note of any preference you might have. New referrals are largely allocated based on psychologist availability & client presentation.

Consulting rooms

Suite 204 | 100 Parnell Road
Auckland, 1052

(above “Winona Forever” cafe)

We are conveniently located very close to the “Port” on/off ramps of SH1.